You are NEVER not enough

I am certain that you have days where you feel like the world is against you. Nothing goes right. Yesterday morning I woke up and I dropped EVERYTHING I put my hands on. I think I dropped the same pair of socks FIVE times before I actually was able to put them on my feet. I had to laugh at myself because in my brain I could only come up with one saying. “Not today Satan.” We all have bad days. We don’t feel well. We are stressed over our lives. We carry that with us everyday. We have children that keep us up all night so we don’t ever feel like we get our rest, and definitely not our recommended 8 hours of sleep. I can only tell you that after feeling this way for a decent amount of time I have accepted the fact that I am enough. I am plenty. YOU are enough. The crazy days wouldn’t be so crazy organized if YOU weren’t orchestrating them. The kids schedules and figuring out where they are supposed to be at such and such a time wouldn’t get done if it weren’t for YOU.

Life is so precious and honestly, so short, that we need to look past the feelings of doubt and know that we are doing enough. I can speak as a single mom, but I have girlfriends who are married and they still struggle. It’s hard being a mom in general. It’s harder being a parent. We live in a world where there is a lot of social and economical problems, WORLD problems, and trying to raise kids in that is really hard. Having a support system around you that cheers you on on the bad days, and is just as much in love with your children as you are, is a true blessing.

Kids are funny. They drive you insane. They make you want to pull all the hair out of your head. My two for instance are at an age where they basically can’t be breathing the same air. They are constantly at each others throats over the most ridiculous things, but at the end of the day they are brothers and I always tell them they will be best friends one day. As much as they test me and my patience, they single handedly make me feel like I am doing ENOUGH. They don’t say it. They don’t have to say it. It’s just this feeling that I have as a Mom. I look at my friends kids and I know it’s no different for them. They look at their Mom’s the same way. Sometimes they all look at us like we have four heads and are the most cheesy people walking Planet Earth, but they love us. Mom’s are really amazing human beings. And I want to also point out that those of us who aren’t Mom’s, but who want to be Mom’s carry the same exact fire inside them. We are all doing a good job and we are all ENOUGH. We are caring. We are compassionate. We are intelligent. We are beautiful. We are some kick ass ladies and we need to own that. There are always going to be bad days. You can’t change that. No one’s life is picture perfect, but be grateful that you are alive and breathing and you get a chance. I always count my blessings. When I think I have it the worst, I think about someone who has cancer, or is having trouble getting pregnant. Someone who may not be able to provide all the things needed for their children. I think about people that are less fortunate than me and I give myself the “big girl panties” speech and try to change my attitude. Admittedly, depending on the day AND the time of month, I can usually do it.

We all make mistakes and no one is perfect. That is just the God’s honest truth. I have made plenty of mistakes in life. I have acted like a complete fool at times. I have probably trusted people I shouldn’t have. I have cheated on grade school exams (although I will never admit that to my kids). I have given out too many chances which isn’t really a mistake. I find it a character flaw in me that basically means I am just a bit of a pushover, maybe? I certainly don’t consider myself perfect and I love that about me. Who wants to be perfect anyway? It’s ok to mess up. It’s ok to yell and scream if your kid is being a total pain in the butt. I know there are people who think a good conversation with your child and really talking it out is the best way to handle a situation, but I can tell you that sometimes that child needs to know who is boss. I love my kids and I do not scream much, but there have been times that I have lost my cool. They have lost theirs too. They scream at me. They scream BACK at me. We all have moments. That is ok.

I am going to end there because my oldest just walked in the door and he’s hungry. Back to being Mom. And don’t worry Dad’s. Your excerpt is coming. We love our Dad’s and are very appreciative to them so don’t feel left out.



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